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The Heel Pain Center


We have developed the Heel Pain Center to resolve your acute or chronic heel pain. Heel pain has become an epidemic in the United States and an estimated 30 million people will see a doctor for their pain. One out of four Americans will experience some form of painful heels in their lives, including people of all ages and demographic backgrounds. Millions of Americans every day experience this and countless other foot ailments It is important to remember that foot pain of any kind is not normal and should be taken very seriously.

We often see people in our practice who are suffering from pain in their heels -  athletes with reoccurring pain with activity and working people who are on their feet most of the day. We also see older people who just wake up one morning with sharp stabbing pains in their heels. Here at our heel pain center, we treat a variety of heel pain conditions. And the good news is that while undergoing treatment at the heel pain center,  you can continue your active lifestyle.

3D Foot Scanning

Meet Albert 2.0.  Come in and get your free foot scan.  Watch this video:

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